2022 – 23 Hidden V’s/D’s

Hidden V’s and D’s  – The RULES

1. Start Date: Jan. 11th, 2023 End Date: March 1st, 2023

2. Every Wednesday starting Jan. 11th, a clue will be posted here.

Solve the clue, find the wooden V or D, sign in!

3. The V or D will be hanging off a tree, off a log, off a sign or somewhere fairly obvious on one of the North Valley Trails, including Quigley. Sun Valley Nordic is off limits.

4. There will be a plastic bag with paper, pens and pencils attached to the V or D. 

5. Legibly write your full name and date on the paper provided.  Put the signed paper and pencil/pen back in the bag.  

6. Seal the bag so no moisture gets in.  Put the V or D back where you found it if you had to take it down.  

7. Each V or D will be up for two weeks for signing in, but there will be a new clue every week, so they always overlap.   Example, a V or D will be out, on a trail, 1/11 to 1/24, another will be out somewhere else 1/18 -1/31.  Sign in any time before the end of the two week period.  

8.  So, V/Ds will be up on Wednesdays when you get the clue.  Each is taken down two weeks later, on Tuesdays.    

9. Sign in’s are tabulated.  You must sign into at least 5 of the 7 V/D’s in order to be a legitimate finisher for prizes at the end of the season party.

Questions?  Ask Muffy or Erin.


#1 – V – Jan. 11 – Jan. 24

Clue:  When lines intersect ______________ are formed and sometimes they are right.  Find the trail of this name, find the V/D, and sign in by Monday January 23.  

Answer: Ted’s Angle

#2 – D – Jan.18 – Jan. 31

Clue:  However you get here, you will have to ski up, and at the five trails junction, find the V/D and sign in by Monday January 30.

Answer:  Quigley, towards the east end

#3 – V – Jan. 25 – Feb 7

Clue: To survive, a professional fighter would have to get good at doing this.  Head to where the fighter and what he does come together, find the V/D and sign in and sign in by Monday Feb. 6.

Answer: Junction of Gladiator and Rip and Tear

#4 – D – Feb 1- Feb 14

Clue: When the snow is gone, this dog friendly groomed ski trail reverts to roads that access trailheads for the Hemingway Boulder Wilderness.  Some folks ski into the backcountry in the winter.  Find the V/D at the north end and sign in by Monday February 13.

Answer: North Fork trail

#5- V   Feb. 8 – Feb. 21   

Clue: There is nothing about this drainage that resembles what it is named for; a complex ecosystem without trees.  Ski here, find the V/D and sign in by Monday Feb. 20

Answer: Prairie Creek

#6 – D – Feb. 15 – Feb. 28

Clue: Could be a tree, could be a bird or could be the name of a creek; head to where the trail crosses the creek of this name, find the V/D and sign in by Monday, Feb. 27.

Answer:  Spruce Creek; on the Harriman north of Butterfield between KM 16 and 17

#7 – V – Feb. 22 – Mar. 7

Clue: Richard Henry has a mountain named after him and a ski loop because he was a “totemic” ski racer; having won the national title so often the medal was recast to bear his likeness.  Ski here, find the V/D and sign in by Monday March 6 


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