2020-21 Hidden V’s & D’s

HUUUUUUUGE thanks to Susan Giannattino

Each week we will provide a clue in the Wednesday Mt Express Miscellany II section (as well as here), and will hang a “V” or a “D” somewhere on the BCRD nordic trails. Figure out the clue, sign in (LEGIBLY) and those with the most sign-in’s will be eligible for prizes!!

#9 V – Placed Tuesday, Feb 9

Removed: Tuesday, February 23

Clue: All the states with the exception of Rhode Island agreed to prohibit the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors with this action;

Answer: Km 18 on the Harriman Trail

#8 D – Placed Tuesday, Feb 2

Removed: Tuesday, February 16

Clue:  You might think this is a Scandinavian word but it is Irish, meaning chief; climb til you tucker; sign in by February 16

Answer: Torin’s Tucker; by the flags 

#7  V – Placed Tuesday, Jan 26

Removed: Tuesday, February 9

Clue:  Head east on ski trails in a landscape with very few trees.  Find a four way intersection where the willow and sage meet; there is the V; sign in by Tuesday, February 9.

Answer: Four way trail junction at the furthest east loop at Quigley; V will hang on a trail map signpost

#6  D – Placed Tuesday, Jan 19

Removed: Tuesday, February 2, Removed Tues Feb 16

Clue:  Near where this northernmost ski trail crosses the Big Wood, you have to quit skiing and walk for just a bit before you ski some more; but your dog will have to turn around sign in by Tuesday February 2. 

Answer: North Wood River trail at the upper end, just before it crosses the highway to the Horse Creek trail.  

#5 V – Placed Tuesday, Jan 12, Removed: Tuesday, Jan 26

Clue: If you keep going this way you will soon be in Wilderness but instead you should go into the campground and sign in by Tuesday, January 26.

Answer:  SNRA Campground at north end of North Fork trail

#4  D- Placed Tues. Jan. 5 , Removed: Tues. Jan.19                               

Clue:  A collier could spend time here; sign in by Tuesday January 19.

Answer:  Miner’s Yurt at Galena

#3   V- Placed Wed, Dec 30, Removed Tues. Jan. 12                             

Clue:  The sign says you need to watch your speed AND watch for pedestrians here; sign in by Tuesday, January 12.

Answer: Baker side near Easley, where Snowmobiles are close to the Harriman, signs indicate speed limit, between 13 and 14km sign on Harriman

#2   D- Placed Dec.23, Removed: Wed. Jan. 6                    

Clue: This loop trail crosses what it was named after twice, go to the upper crossing and sign in by Tuesday January 5. 

Answer: The upper Prairie creek crossing 

#1   V- Placed: Dec.16, Removed: Wed, Dec 30                      

Clue:  A simple knot used to form a fixed loop at the end of a rope; delete four letters and you have a known location on the nordic trails.  Sign in by Tuesday, December 29

Answer:  Bowline minus b,I,n,e =“Owl” Creek

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