2021 – 22 Hidden V’s/D’s

Thanks for a GREAT 2021-22 Winter

Each Wednesday, starting January 5, we will provide a clue right HERE! (we will not put it in the Wednesday Mt Express Miscellany II section this year). By that day, we will have hung a “V” or a “D” somewhere on the BCRD nordic trails. Figure out the clue, sign in (LEGIBLY) and those with the most sign-in’s will be eligible for prizes!! You MUST sign in by the date indicated on the clue (a Monday, two Mondays after the clue is published) because the “V” or “D” will come down on Tuesday (could be early or could be late). 

Clue schedule is below:

#1 – V – Jan. 5 – Jan. 17

Clue: SARS-CoV2 is more commonly called something else, giving notoriety to this number.   Sign in by Monday January 17. 

Answer: Covid-19. “V” was placed at Km19 on the Harriman

#2 – D – Jan.12 – Jan. 24

Clue: Although born in Florida this skier got comfortable with snow and went on to become a 17 time national alpine ski race champion. Sign in by Monday January 24.

Answer: Dick Durrance. “D” was placed by the aspens midway on the Durrance loop

#3 – V – Jan. 19 – Jan.31

Clue: What do Kirk, Charlton, Russell and Victor have in common?  Sign in by Monday January 31. 

Answer: They all played Gladiators in movies; hide the V on the Gladiator trail. 

#4 – D – Jan. 26 – Feb 7

Clue: Head north toward infinity, midway cross the bridge and you’ll find me near a picnic table.  Sign in by Monday February 7.

Answer: North Fork trail; shaped like the symbol for infinity 8; hide D at north end of upper loop near one of the picnic tables. 

#5- V   Tues. Feb. 1 – Tues. Feb. 15   

Clue …:  “A boy’s best friend is his mother” is a famous line from what movie; sign in by Monday, Feb. 14.

Answer: Psycho! Up on Psycho Ridge

#6 – D – Feb. 9 – Feb. 21

Clue: Landon and Gilbert were two of the stars in this long running 1970’s TV series so go west as far as you can and sign in by Monday February 21 (no there is no house). 

Answer: Little House on the Prairie. Located on the north side of the Prairie Creek loop, but on the south side of the trail, midway up.

#7 – V – Feb. 16 – Feb. 28

Clue: Tucked below Wilderness, the southern loop of these trails gets close to a cabin, built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934, named after an immigrant miner, and still used by the Forest Service.  Get close to the cabin and Sign in by Monday February 28.

Answer:  Russian John Guard Station; put the V at the southernmost end of the Billy’s Bridge southern loop.  

#8 – D – Feb. 23 – Mar. 7

Clue: Commonly considered the “trickster” amongst indigenous North American peoples, the more common name has been given to a creek crossed by a ski trail.  Find the V near this crossing and sign in by Monday March 7.

Answer: Coyote Creek; the Harriman crosses this creek south of Titus and north of Owl.  

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